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Getting Relief from Painful Bone Spurs in New Jersey with Essex Union Podiatry

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If heel, arch, or toe pain is slowing you down, you may have developed a troublesome bone spur. The podiatrists at Essex Union Podiatry provide specialized bone spur treatment to residents across New Jersey. Our board-certified podiatrists offer safe, effective solutions to remove bone spurs and restore your active lifestyle.

What Are Bone Spurs and What Causes Them?

A bone spur is an abnormal extra growth of bone that develops along the edges of your bones. 

Also called an osteophyte, a bone spur is your body’s attempt to repair damage from pressure or arthritis in the joints. But this excess bone can irritate surrounding tissues, nerves, ligaments and tendons.

Bone spurs often occur in the feet, developing on the heel bone and top-center of the foot. They typically result from high amounts of pressure and stress on the feet over time. Contributing factors include:

  • Age and natural wear and tear
  • Excess weight
  • Poorly fitted shoes
  • Intense physical activities
  • Existing foot conditions like plantar fasciitis or arthritis

Common Signs of Bone Spurs on the Feet

Since bone spurs themselves don’t hurt, you may be unaware you have one. Common symptoms that indicate their presence include:

  • Sharp, aching pain in the feet, especially the heel after activity
  • Swelling and redness around the painful area
  • Stiffness or limited joint mobility
  • Difficulty performing weight-bearing exercises

If these sound familiar, an underlying bone spur may be the reason for your discomfort.

Why Choose Essex Union Podiatry for Bone Spur Treatment?

With broad expertise in bone and joint conditions, Essex Union Podiatry’s podiatrists offer accurate diagnosis and proven treatment strategies for bone spurs.

We create customized treatment plans that prioritize conservative therapies first before considering surgery. Our goal is simple – eliminate pain and get you moving comfortably again.

Benefits of choosing Essex Union Podiatry include:

Patient-First Philosophy

Your comfort and wellbeing drive every decision we make. You’ll feel cared for through an individualized treatment plan crafted just for you.

Combination Treatment Plans

We skillfully combine traditional and cutting-edge therapies to promote optimal bone spur healing and natural pain relief.

Gentle Hands

We take a gentle approach focused on your care and comfort throughout diagnosis and treatment.

Safety First

You’re in good hands with our rigorous standards for cleanliness and sterilization at our NJ offices.

Our experienced podiatry team is here to help.

Contact us now to discuss your foot and ankle health needs.

Meet Your Podiatrists

Our compassionate podiatrists bring expertise in podiatric conditions plus a dedication to patient comfort. Get to know our Essex Union Podiatry team:

Dr. Jason Galante: With over 15 years’ experience, Dr. Galante holds expertise in sports medicine and advanced foot and ankle surgical procedures.

Dr. Sarah Haller: Fellowship-trained in podiatric surgery, Dr. Haller focuses on post-traumatic reconstruction and cosmetic improvements.

Dr. Kaitlyn Testa: Skilled in minimally invasive surgical techniques, Dr. Testa also emphasizes preventative and conservative treatments.

Our Other Services

Alongside bone spur care, we offer a full range of podiatric services, including:

  • Sports medicine – injury treatment, strengthening programs
  • Pediatric podiatry – children’s foot & ankle care
  • Diabetic foot care – wound care & prevention
  • Fungal nail treatment
  • Corns & calluses removal
  • Plantar fasciitis treatment
  • Flat foot correction

How Do Podiatrists Treat Bone Spurs on the Feet?

The expert podiatrists at our clinics offer both non-invasive and surgical treatments to remove bone spurs on the feet, based on each patient’s case and symptoms.

Non-Surgical Bone Spur Treatment

For mild to moderate cases, we often start with conservative treatments to manage your discomfort without surgery:

  • Prescription anti-inflammatory medication
  • Custom-fitted orthotics inserted in shoes to cushion and protect the feet
  • Physical therapy like stretching exercises and massage
  • Padding, taping, or strapping to relieve pressure points
  • Cortisone injections to reduce inflammation and pain
  • Immobilization boots to rest the feet and minimize inflammation

While these options don’t remove the bone spur itself, they can successfully relieve the irritation and enable you to live and move pain-free.

Surgical Removal Procedures

If conservative treatments fail to provide adequate relief, our podiatric surgeons can remove troublesome bone spurs surgically. Outpatient procedures we perform include:

  • Spur excision – Removing or shaving down the bone spur
  • Cryosurgery – Freezing and killing nerve fibers around the spur
  • Endoscopic spur removal – Using minimally invasive techniques guided by a camera
  • Calcaneal osteotomy – Surgically realigning and reshaping heel bone structure for plantar spurs
  • Arthroscopic surgery – Reshaping joints or removing loose cartilage debris causing spur irritation

Which technique is best depends on the size and location of your bone spur, plus other individual factors our doctors will consider. We use advanced technology and instruments to remove bone spurs through very small incisions for faster recovery.

FAQs About Bone Spurs

Do bone spurs require surgery?

Surgery for bone spurs is rare. We achieve great outcomes through non-invasive approaches for most patients. If those fail and your spur causes severe pain, we discuss surgery.

How can I prevent bone spurs?

Maintaining healthy weight through diet and exercise reduces strain on feet that causes bone spurs. Proper arch support and cushioned shoes also lower risks.

Will custom inserts treat my bone spur?

Orthotic inserts often successfully treat bone spurs by supporting arches, cushioning heels, and correcting gait abnormalities placing excess pressure on feet.

How long does bone spur treatment take?

Most patients find significant relief within a few weeks using conservative treatments. Severe spurs may require a longer process involving various treatment phases.

Start Your Journey to Bone Spur Relief in New Jersey

If painful bone spurs are limiting your activity, don’t hesitate to seek treatment. The board-certified doctors at Essex Union Podiatry offer customized relief plans. We’ll get you moving comfortably again with non-invasive care or state-of-the-art bone spur removal if appropriate.

We operate three conveniently located offices in Northern New Jersey counties, open 5 days a week. Please call or stop by to experience our commitment to patient comfort.

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Our caring staff looks forward to guiding you towards a customized treatment plan. Together we’ll have you back to pain-free mobility in no time!

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