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Sick of bunion pain ruining your days? At Essex Union Podiatry, we offer Lapiplasty – the most advanced 3D bunion correction procedure that fixes the root cause. 

Our experienced New Jersey podiatrists use innovative imaging and precision robotics to realign your toe and stabilize the joint. This revolutionary outpatient surgery means rapid recovery, maximum correction, and minimal recurrence risk. 

Experience relief from embarrassing, painful bunions. Discover how Lapiplasty can profoundly improve your life and get you walking with confidence again!

Introduction to Lapiplasty

Lapiplasty is a patented bunion correction system that provides precise, comprehensive treatment customized to your unique anatomy. While traditional bunion surgery simply shaves down the protruding bone, Lapiplasty goes further by realigning the entire metatarsal structure and securing it with rigid fixation. 

This comprehensive approach addresses the root instability causing your bunion, providing reliable correction and dramatically reducing the risk of recurrence. In clinical studies, 97.4% of patients demonstrated a successful bony fusion of the joint and 98.9% maintained a stable joint position after Lapiplasty.

At Essex Union Podiatry, we proudly offer Lapiplasty as the premier choice for bunion sufferers in New Jersey. Our surgeons are highly trained and experienced in Lapiplasty techniques. 

With advanced 3D imaging, computer guidance, and a double plating system, we can give you back your normal foot alignment and function. Our patients experience lasting bunion relief with minimal recovery restrictions.

Meet Our Lapiplasty Specialists

Our board-certified podiatrists have undergone extensive training to become experts in the Lapiplasty procedure. When you choose our highly skilled surgeons for your bunion correction, you can feel confident knowing you are in the most capable hands.

Dr. Sarah Haller

Dr. Sarah Haller brings exceptional expertise in foot and ankle surgical care. She is double board certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery and in podiatric medicine.  Her specialized training allows her to treat complex musculoskeletal deformities, sports injuries, and perform revision surgeries. As the founder of the New Jersey Foot and Ankle Foundation, Dr. Haller is deeply committed to advancing foot care.

Dr. Jason P. Galante

With double board certification in foot/ankle medicine and surgery, Dr. Jason P. Galante leverages over 15 years of experience treating intricate foot and ankle conditions. He trained alongside the team doctors for the New York Jets and Giants. Dr. Galante is highly skilled in foot and ankle reconstruction, arthritis management, deformity correction, and other advanced procedures.

Dr. Kaitlyn Testa

Dr. Kaitlyn Testa focuses on minimally invasive surgical techniques including bunion treatment. She is board qualified in foot and ankle care with specialized expertise in sports medicine and preventative care. Dr. Testa also handles traumatic injuries and reconstructive foot/ankle procedures.

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Understanding Bunions and Lapiplasty

Bunions develop when the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint connecting your big toe becomes unstable, allowing the toe to drift outward over time. This places excessive pressure on the joint, forcing the bone to protrude and form the characteristic bunion bump. 

Traditional bunion surgery fails to address this instability by only removing the protruding bone. Without stabilizing the MTP joint, recurrence rates can be high.

Lapiplasty comprehensively corrects bunions by realigning the entire metatarsal structure in three dimensions and securing the correction with titanium plates and screws. 

This restores stability to the MTP joint, eliminating the cause of bunions. By fixing the root problem rather than just reshaping the bone, Lapiplasty provides reliable, lasting relief.

Our Lapiplasty Procedure

The Lapiplasty procedure realigns the entire metatarsal bone and brings it back into its anatomically correct position. During the meticulous Lapiplasty procedure, our experienced surgeons follow these key steps:

  1. We meticulously release the tight joint capsules and contracted ligaments to fully mobilize the joint and allow for realignment. This delicate process requires precision to avoid damaging soft tissues.
  2. Our surgeons utilize specialized precision tools to flatten the arthritic joint surfaces. This critical bone contouring recreates the anatomy required for proper realignment of the bones.
  3. We then make controlled osteotomies, or bone cuts, across the metatarsal to correctly reposition its alignment within the foot. The magnitude, direction and location of these bone cuts are critical to achieve anatomical realignment.
  4. After realigning the joint, we will spread the joint apart and methodically compress it under specific tension. This allows the ligaments to tighten just enough to stabilize the reconstructed joint.
  5. Finally, we secure the realigned and stabilized joint using a low-profile titanium plating system. The plates and screws maintain the anatomical alignment and support the joint through healing and rehabilitation.

With both rigid fixation and anatomic realignment, Lapiplasty ensures the correction will be maintained long-term. Patients can bear weight in a boot within 2-4 weeks and transition to normal shoes by 6 weeks, allowing a rapid return to regular activity. 

Lapiplasty vs. Traditional Bunion Surgery

The Lapiplasty procedure offers game-changing advantages over traditional bunion surgery. The table below highlights the key differences between Lapiplasty and old-school bunion surgery:

FeatureLapiplastyTraditional Bunion Surgery
1ProcedureAddresses root cause by realigning entire metatarsal structure in 3D using computer guidanceJust shaves down bunion and aligns bones with screws/wires
2Correction ApproachRotates metatarsal head and realigns it into normal anatomical positionDoesn’t address rotation or wider metatarsal misalignment
3Fixation MethodSecures metatarsal realignment with titanium plating systemUses basic screws, pins or wires to hold bones
4Weight BearingAllows earlier weight bearing, typically within 2 weeksRequires patient to remain non-weight bearing for 6-8 weeks
5Return to ShoesFaster return to normal shoes, usually 6 weeksDelayed return to normal shoes, up to 12 weeks
6Recurrence RateLow recurrence rate of 1.6%High recurrence rate up to 74%
7OutcomesRestores anatomy and joint function for lasting reliefHigh risk of recurrence and remaining arthritis

Patients report dramatically better outcomes with Lapiplasty compared to previous traditional bunion surgeries. 

Why Choose Essex Union Podiatry for Your Lapiplasty Surgery

When you choose Essex Union Podiatry for Lapiplasty, you can expect:

  • Skilled and caring surgeons who specialize in Lapiplasty techniques and are board certified in foot surgery. 
  • A patient-first approach focused on your optimal outcome, comfort, and rapid return to normal activities.
  • Advanced 3D imaging technology to precisely guide the Lapiplasty procedure and ensure a comprehensive correction of your bunion.
  • A proven track record of success with lower recurrence rates compared to traditional bunion surgery methods. 
  • Attentive post-operative care and physical therapy for your continued healing and recovery. 
  • Convenient state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the latest tools and technologies for foot and ankle surgery.

Our combination of surgical skill, advanced technology, and patient-centered care makes Essex Union Podiatry the premier destination for Lapiplasty in New Jersey.

Starting Your Journey to Pain-Free Walking

If you are suffering from a painful, unsightly bunion, we encourage you to explore Lapiplasty as a life-changing treatment option. Call us at 862-660-7739 or use our online booking tool to schedule a consultation. We will review your case, explain the Lapiplasty procedure, and answer all your questions to help you make an informed decision.

We accept most major insurance plans and have transparent pricing information available upfront. Our billing coordinator can verify your coverage details and clearly explain any out-of-pocket costs.

Don’t let bunions hold you back any longer! Take the first step toward renewed comfort and confidence by contacting Essex Union Podiatry today. Our friendly team looks forward to guiding you on your journey to pain-free walking with Lapiplasty bunion correction.

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FAQs About Lapiplasty

How long does it take to recover from Lapiplasty surgery?

Most patients transition to a shoe by 6 weeks and are cleared for normal activity around 2-3 months. This is much faster than recovery from traditional bunion surgery.

How painful is Lapiplasty?

Patients report significantly less pain with Lapiplasty compared to other bunion surgery techniques. Medications are used to control discomfort during the recovery process.

How successful is Lapiplasty?

Lapiplasty provides reliable, comprehensive correction of bunions with a recurrence rate of only 1.9%. Over 98% of patients said they would recommend the procedure to others.

Does Lapiplasty require screws or hardware?

Yes, the Lapiplasty system utilizes titanium plates and screws to provide rigid fixation and stabilize the corrected bunion deformity. The hardware generally does not need to be removed.

What limitations come with Lapiplasty?

Patients must avoid high-impact activities like running for the first 6-8 weeks after surgery. Swelling and stiffness can persist for several months. Complications like infection are rare when proper surgical protocols are followed.

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