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Our team of board-certified podiatric surgeons is dedicated to providing cutting-edge treatments and personalized care for all your foot and ankle needs.

Meet New Jersey’s Premier Foot and Ankle Surgeons

Dr. Jason Galante

Dr. Jason P. Galante is double board certified in podiatric medicine and foot and ankle surgery, as well as hyperbaric medicine. He specializes in working with professional athletes and is known for his expertise in reconstructive and sports-related surgeries in the state.

Dr. Sarah Haller

Fellowship-trained and double board-certified, Dr. Sarah E. Haller specializes in revisional surgery, correcting foot and ankle musculoskeletal deformities, and sports medicine. She founded the New Jersey Foot and Ankle Foundation and contributed to medical academia.

Dr. Kaitlyn Testa

Dr. Kaitlyn Testa brings a forward-thinking approach to podiatric surgery, with a special emphasis on minimally-invasive procedures, sports medicine, and preventative care for foot and ankle health, complemented by advanced surgical care.

Foot & Ankle Conditions We Treat

Achilles Tendonitis

Seek treatment for severe Achilles tendonitis, including complex tendon repairs and reconstructions that can restore full function.

Ankle Injuries

Get comprehensive treatment for a wide range of ankle injuries, from severe sprains and instability to complex fractures requiring surgical intervention.

Heel Pain

Find lasting relief for heel pain caused by structural issues within the foot through both conservative and surgical treatment options.

Bunion, Hammer Toe, other deformities

Correct bunions, hammertoes, and other foot deformities to improve both the function and appearance of your feet.

Any fracture of the foot and ankle bones

Receive expert treatment for foot and ankle fractures, ranging from simple breaks to complex injuries requiring specialized surgical techniques.

Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

Choose minimally invasive bunion surgery for a faster recovery, less pain, and smaller incisions compared to traditional techniques.

Revision/Reconstruction Surgery

Address complex foot and ankle problems with revision and reconstruction procedures for cases where previous surgery was unsuccessful.

Achilles Tendon Repair

Restore mobility and prevent re-injury after an Achilles tendon rupture through expert surgical repair.

Ankle Fracture Surgery

Ensure proper bone alignment, fixation, and healing after an ankle fracture with the latest surgical techniques.

Ankle Cartilage Surgery

Find innovative treatments designed to repair cartilage damage and alleviate ankle pain with specialized ankle cartilage surgery.

Our experienced podiatry team is here to help.

Contact us now to discuss your foot and ankle health needs.

Charcot Foot & Ankle Reconstruction

Address the complex deformities associated with Charcot foot and ankle through specialized Charcot reconstruction procedures.

Total Ankle Replacement

Manage severe ankle arthritis with total ankle replacement surgery, offering a solution for both pain management and improved mobility.

Plantar Fasciitis

If conservative treatments fail to relieve your plantar fasciitis pain, explore surgical options for lasting relief.


Find relief from pain and nerve irritation caused by neuromas through surgical options when conservative treatments are unsuccessful.

Ingrown Toenail

Get a permanent surgical solution for severe or recurring ingrown toenails.

Other Conditions We Treat

Ankle SprainsCavus Feet (High Arches)MLS Laser Therapy
Calcaneus FractureFlat FeetOrthotics
Talus FractureBunion DeformitiesPediatric Heel Pain
Forefoot FracturesAthlete’s FootPoor Circulation
Lisfranc InjuriesCallusWound Care
Turf ToeCornsFoot Infection
Ankle InstabilityDiabetic Foot CareGout

Why Essex Union Podiatry is Your Choice for Foot and Ankle Care in NJ

At Essex Union Podiatry, our dedication to your foot and ankle health goes beyond standard care. Our personalized attention, cutting-edge treatments, and community-focused approach make you part of our family.

Patient Success Stories

Discover the real-life impact of our expert care through the voices of those who’ve recovered with us:

Bashow Dhere had persistent heel pain that benched him from basketball. Dr. Galante’s custom-designed orthotic inserts got him back on the court, pain-free. “His care and expertise worked like a charm,” Bashow shares.

Michelle Iipari’s journey with us was transformative. After years of pain, Dr. Haller’s compassionate approach and surgical skill led to successful ankle fusion surgery, allowing Michelle to reclaim her active lifestyle. “Dr. Haller treated me like family,” she reflects. “Miracles do happen!”

It’s not just about the surgery. L.W. found comfort in the supportive environment we foster. “Dr. Haller is incredible! Her great bedside manner and knowledge put me at ease,” says L.W. With us, the journey to better health is one of confidence and care.

These stories are not just testimonials; they’re testaments to our commitment to bringing tangible changes to our patients’ lives. Let Essex Union Podiatry be the partner in your healing and return to the activities you love.

Tailored Treatment Plans

Every step is different, and so is our care. Our podiatric experts don’t just treat symptoms; we explore the root cause and craft a plan that aligns with your lifestyle and goals.

State-of-the-Art Technology

From 3D imaging for precise diagnostics to revolutionary laser therapy for pain reduction, our practice has the latest advancements in podiatric medicine for better outcomes.

Improve Your Foot and Ankle Health

At Essex Union Podiatry, we’re committed to helping you regain freedom of movement and living pain-free.

  • Immediate Appointments Available: We understand your discomfort and offer prompt scheduling to address your needs without delay.
  • A Healing Journey Tailored to You: Our team will support you from reception to aftercare. Your recovery is our priority.
  • Start Living Better Today: Why wait to feel better? Contact us to discuss your concerns with our leading specialists and discover effective, personalized recovery plans to get back to your favorite activities.

Our Accessible Locations in New Jersey

Discover specialized foot and ankle care in your backyard. Our offices in Essex and Union Counties are gateways to a pain-free life.

Rahway Office

Our Rahway office offers the latest in podiatric care, ensuring you’re only a step away from quality care.

1600 St. Georges Ave.

Rahway, NJ 07065

Phone: 732-936-7543

Caldwell Office

Visit our Caldwell office for innovative treatment and home-town comfort. Let our team guide you toward optimal foot and ankle health.

376 Bloomfield Ave.

Caldwell, NJ 07006

Phone: 862-640-1917

Springfield Office

Experience personalized care with advanced technology at our Springfield location. We’re here to provide exceptional service to get you back on your feet.

500 Morris Ave., Suite 203

Springfield, NJ 07081

Phone: 862-660-7739

Our offices offer a welcoming atmosphere, state-of-the-art facilities, and a team of specialists committed to your well-being.

With extended hours, easy parking, and a streamlined process for new patients, we ensure that starting your care is as stress-free as the relief you’ll feel.

Reach out to Essex Union Podiatry and step into a world where foot and ankle pain are managed and your health goals are within reach.

Whether you’re dealing with a minor annoyance or a major concern, our team is poised to deliver the expert care you seek.

Contact us to schedule your first visit and experience the difference that dedicated podiatric expertise can make in your life.

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FAQs About Foot & Ankle Surgeons

What types of surgeries do foot and ankle surgeons perform?

Foot and ankle surgeons perform a variety of procedures including bunion and hammertoe corrections, Achilles tendon repairs, ankle arthroscopy, reconstructive surgeries for deformities, and total ankle replacements.

Who are the top foot and ankle surgeons in New Jersey?

Essex Union Podiatry boasts some of the top surgeons in New Jersey, including the highly skilled Dr. Jason Galante, Dr. Sarah Haller, and Dr. Kaitlyn Testa.

What are the qualifications of a good foot and ankle surgeon?

A qualified foot and ankle surgeon should be board-certified, have extensive surgical training, including a residency in podiatry, and ideally, fellowship training in foot and ankle surgery.

What non-surgical treatments are available for foot and ankle conditions?

Non-surgical treatments include physical therapy, custom orthotics, corticosteroid injections, laser therapy, and other conservative modalities like immobilization and anti-inflammatory medication.

How can I prepare for a foot and ankle surgery?

Preparation for surgery typically involves a preoperative medical evaluation, fasting before the procedure, arranging for post-op care and transportation, and following specific instructions given by your surgical team.

What should I expect during my first visit to a foot and ankle surgeon?

During your first visit, expect a thorough examination of your foot and ankle, a review of your medical history, possibly imaging tests, and a discussion of treatment options.

Can foot and ankle surgery help with sports-related injuries?

Yes, foot and ankle surgery can address a range of sports-related injuries, from acute fractures and tendon ruptures to chronic conditions like instability, aiding in both recovery and prevention of future injuries.