Wound Care New Jersey

There are many different types of wounds that commonly occur on the foot and ankles. These include lacerations, abrasions, and puncture wounds. They also include avulsions and incisions, which require more immediate care. When treating a wound on the foot or ankle, the first thing your doctor will do is assess the wound type and the extent of the damage.

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Podiatric Wound Care Specialist NJ

Our podiatrists then carefully treat your wound according to the wound type and your unique needs. Patients with diabetes and other chronic conditions should pay special attention to wounds on the feet and ankles. The doctors at Essex Union Podiatry will help you understand why and treat your wounds with kind and compassionate care.

How to tell if you need a wound care specialist:

  • Your wound is bleeding excessively or is very deep.
  • You suspect you might have an infection.
  • You notice a wound on your foot or ankle that you didn’t feel when it happened.
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Podiatry Wound Care

We treat the five wound types and corresponding conditions

Skin Conditions

Often wounds on the feet and ankles are at the superficial level. Treating wounds to the skin is essential, especially for those at higher risk of infection, like diabetic patients.

Bone Conditions

Foot and ankle wounds can be complicated by existing bone conditions. Trust our experts to tailor your care plan to your specific needs.

Muscle Conditions

Some wounds penetrate the muscular layer. Many muscle conditions are treatable with surgical and nonsurgical options.

Ligament & Tendon Conditions

Conditions of the ligaments and tendons can limit mobility and make wound recovery more challenging. Our podiatric team knows how to handle these challenges.

Circulation Disorders

Circulation disorders affect wound care and how wounds heal. Sometimes circulation disorders slow the wound healing process, including in diabetic patients.

Other conditions

Wounds of the feet and ankles can contribute to or worsen existing conditions. Talk to our team about how to prevent complications and future conditions today.

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