Trauma Care Services

Essex Union Podiatry provides trauma care for non-life-threatening injuries to the foot and ankle.
Our state-of-the-art technologies and tools, plus decades of combined experience, make us your trustworthy podiatric team.

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Podiatric Trauma Centers in NJ

Whether you’ve sustained an injury at work, during an accident, or during sports or other activities, we have the knowledge and compassion to treat your injury quickly and effectively. We offer on-site diagnostic services and surgical and non-surgical treatment options for various trauma types.

How to tell if you need podiatric trauma care:

  • You have a non-life threatening break or damage to the bone.
  • You’ve sustained a heavy impact or compression of the foot or ankle.
  • You have acute pain and limited mobility after a traumatic event.
Our experienced podiatry team is here to help.

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Podiatric Trauma We Treat

Trauma can affect all parts of the foot, ankle, or lower limb

Skin Conditions

Skin conditions like burns and lacerations are easily treatable with the right trauma team. Trust us for compassionate, custom care for trauma to the skin of the foot or ankle.

Bone Conditions

Bone trauma, like fractures and breaks, can be scary and complex. We treat these and other bone conditions related to foot trauma and injury.

Muscle Conditions

Trauma and injury can affect the muscles of the lower limbs, including overuse injuries and muscle tears.

Ligament & Tendon Conditions

Ligament and tendon conditions like sprain and strains often happen in conjunction with other trauma to the lower extremity. Trust us to handle each of your podiatric trauma needs.

Circulation Disorders

Sometimes traumatic injuries can cause issues with the circulation that complicate or worsen pain and swelling, properly dressing wounds, or wearing a cast.

Other conditions

Trauma care is complex and can complicate or create a number of other conditions. Trust the right team for professional, comprehensive care after an injury or trauma.

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