podiatrists near Berkley Heights NJ Finding a Trusted Podiatrist Near Berkeley Heights, NJ for Your Foot, Ankle, and Lower Leg Needs

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Looking for a skilled podiatrist in the Berkley Heights area? Your search stops here. Essex Union Podiatry has specially trained podiatrists conveniently located right in your neighborhood.

What Services Do Essex Union Podiatry Offer Near Berkeley Heights NJ?

At Essex Union Podiatry, we provide a wide array of podiatric services to help you get relief from foot and ankle problems holding you back. Our board-certified podiatrists offer both medical and surgical care with a patient-first focus.

Some of our specialty services include:

Foot & Ankle Deformity Correction

Our podiatrists utilize both surgical and non-surgical approaches to realign and reshape your feet for pain relief and improved function. We treat bunions, hammertoes, fallen arches, high arches, and other structural problems with custom orthotics, braces, and advanced reconstructive surgery when needed.

Foot & Ankle Sports Injuries Care

We help competitive and recreational athletes prevent and rehabilitate foot and ankle sports injuries. From custom orthotics and immobilization bracing to minimally invasive surgery, we get you back in the game safely using innovative techniques.

Diabetic Foot & Ankle Care

Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to nerve damage and poor circulation, resulting in foot problems, infections, and wounds. We provide specialized care like routine foot exams, diabetic shoes, offloading, and wound care to reduce complications and amputations.

Trauma Care

Experienced a traumatic foot or ankle injury? Our skilled podiatric surgeons offer urgent care and compassionate treatment to properly realign bones, repair tendons/ligaments, and get you on the path to healing. We manage fractures, dislocations, tendon ruptures, and other traumatic conditions.

General Podiatry

We offer complete foot and ankle care for patients of all ages. This includes nail trimming and care, corn and callus removal, ingrown toenail treatment, wart removal, mole checks, and other preventative care to keep your feet healthy.

Pediatric Podiatry

Our doctors provide caring and gentle treatment for common children’s lower limb conditions like flat feet, in-toeing/out-toeing, heel pain, and skin conditions. We take a holistic approach to support their bone development and make sure they meet their movement milestones.

Other specific services include:

  • Ingrown Toenail Removal
  • Plantar Fasciitis Treatment
  • Bunion Surgery
  • Custom Orthotics
  • Diabetic Foot Care
  • Wound Care
  • Fracture Care
  • Neuroma Treatment
  • Gait Analysis

We also treat all foot and ankle conditions related to muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons, circulation, and more.

Why Is Choosing a Local Podiatrist Important?

Making Essex Union Podiatry your go-to podiatry practice comes with many perks for Berkeley Heights residents. Here are some top reasons to choose local:

  • Convenience: With offices in Rahway, Springfield, and Caldwell, NJ, we offer easy access to podiatry care for patients throughout the surrounding communities. Our podiatrists provide exceptional foot and ankle treatment with convenient appointment scheduling, including urgent visits for foot problems.
  • Familiarity: Our podiatrists understand the unique lifestyle, biomechanics, and common foot conditions seen in our local communities. We can tailor care and education to your specific needs.
  • Established Relationships: Build trust with our podiatrists over the long term to better manage any ongoing or chronic foot and ankle issues. We get to know you personally.
  • Accepts Local Insurance: We’re in-network for most plans in the area, reducing your out-of-pocket costs.
  • Prompt Availability: As a local practice serving the community, we can often accommodate appointments more quickly than out-of-town doctors’ offices. Let us know if you need urgent podiatry care.
Our experienced podiatry team is here to help.

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Essex Union Podiatry’s Core Values and Approach to Patient Care

At Essex Union Podiatry, your complete satisfaction is our top priority. We uphold certain core values that guide our approach to your care.

Compassionate Care

We treat every patient with kindness, empathy, and respect. Your comfort and peace of mind is important to us.

Patient Education

We believe you deserve to be fully informed about your diagnosis, treatment plan, and home care. Ask us questions!

Shared Decision Making

We involve you in choices about your care and tailor treatment to your goals and concerns.

Customized Treatment

We create an individualized plan to get you the best possible outcome based on your needs and medical history.

A Team Approach

Our entire staff works together to support your care journey—from medical assistants to billing to podiatrists.

Convenient Access

With extended hours and same-day appointments, we make podiatric care readily available when you need it.

How We Address Common Foot, Ankle, and Lower Leg Problems

Our podiatrists have advanced training in treating all foot, ankle and lower leg conditions using both surgical and non-surgical approaches.

Here’s how we can help with some frequent problems:

Problem AreasTreatment
Muscle InjuriesStrains, sprains, and tears are addressed with rest, bracing, physical therapy, and gentle strengthening exercises.
Poor CirculationWe treat foot sores and ulcers, then address the underlying circulatory condition to prevent recurrence. This may include vascular surgery.
Nail Disorders We accurately diagnose and treat ingrown or fungal toenails, thick/discolored nails, and other nail conditions.
Bone ConditionsMisalignments like bunions are corrected through surgery. We also treat fractures and arthritis conservatively or with surgery as needed. Custom orthotics can improve alignment.
Pediatric Foot ProblemsChildren often have issues like flat feet, in-toeing/out-toeing, Sever’s disease, or warts. We provide specialized, gentle care.
Heel PainConditions like plantar fasciitis are treated with stretching, orthotics, injections, or shock wave therapy based on severity. Surgery is a last resort.
Diabetic Feet We conduct thorough exams to assess nerve function and circulation in diabetic feet. Prevention and prompt treatment of ulcers/infections is key.
WoundsWe provide advanced wound care, getting ulcers and other open sores to heal using the latest dressings and growth stimulators.

Who Are the Podiatrists Serving the Berkeley Heights NJ Area?

Our experienced, compassionate podiatrists serving Berkeley Heights and surrounding towns include:

Dr. Sarah Haller

Dr. Haller is a board certified foot and ankle surgeon and the founder of the New Jersey Foot and Ankle Foundation. Her professional focus is on musculoskeletal deformities, sports medicine, and post-traumatic reconstruction and revision surgery of the foot and ankle. Dr. Haller provides advanced surgical care while also emphasizing education and prevention.

Dr. Jason Galante

Dr. Galante is double board certified in Foot and Ankle Surgery as well as Podiatric Medicine. He trained with the team doctors for the New York Jets and Giants, giving him an expertise in sports injuries. Dr. Galante is a member of leading professional organizations including the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. His surgical skills allow him to treat complex conditions like arthritis, deformities, and injuries.

Dr. Kaitlyn Testa

Dr. Testa is a board qualified foot and ankle surgeon who focuses on minimally invasive surgical techniques such as bunion treatments. She also manages traumatic injuries and performs reconstructive procedures. In addition, Dr. Testa specializes in sports medicine with an emphasis on preventative care for the foot and ankle.

Our podiatrists work as a coordinated team, leveraging their complementary skills and specialties to provide complete foot and ankle care. Patients appreciate the individualized, honest care received.

Experience Berkeley Heights, NJ – Where Outdoor Adventure Meets Premier Podiatric Care

Nestled in the beautiful Watchung Mountains, Berkeley Heights offers small town charm just a short commute from bustling urban areas. This quiet New Jersey suburb has a population of over 13,000 and features beautiful parks, hiking trails, and local shops and eateries. It’s no wonder Berkeley Heights has been recognized as one of New Jersey’s safest and most family-friendly towns.

With plenty of biking, running, and outdoor activities, it’s important for Berkeley Heights residents to have access to top-notch podiatry care. Whether you twisted your ankle hiking at Mattano Park or have chronic foot pain from walking the trails at Snyder Avenue Park, the podiatrists at Essex Union Podiatry offer personalized care right in your neighborhood.

The compassionate, board-certified podiatrists leverage their specialized training and the latest medical technology to diagnose and treat foot, ankle, and lower leg conditions. They provide both non-surgical treatments as well as cutting-edge surgical procedures when needed.

From general podiatry services like nail trimming and corn removal to reconstructive surgery and diabetic foot care, Essex Union Podiatry has Berkeley Heights covered. Trust your feet to the hometown experts!

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