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At Essex Union Podiatry, we provide personalized foot and ankle care so you can get back to living your best life. Our experienced podiatrists offer comprehensive diagnostics, advanced treatments, and compassionate care right here in Summit.

Our Patient-Focused Approach

Essex Union Podiatry takes time to listen closely during appointments to fully understand your unique situation. Our podiatrists explain foot and ankle conditions and terminology in simple, everyday terms so you feel informed. 

We walk you through all treatment options available, describing the pros and cons of each. Our goal is to craft customized treatment plans aligned with your lifestyle and needs.

  • For urgent injuries, we offer prompt same-day appointments to get you relief quickly. 
  • For chronic conditions, we partner with you long-term to preserve function while avoiding surgery when feasible. 

Your comfort and wellbeing are our top priority throughout your treatment journey.

Our Comprehensive Podiatry Services 

We offer a full range of podiatry services to treat any foot or ankle condition. Our specialties include:

ServiceEnhanced Description
Foot and Ankle Deformity CorrectionSurgically correcting structural issues like bunions and hammertoes using advanced minimally invasive techniques to realign the toe bones.
Sports MedicineDiagnosing and treating sports-related foot and ankle injuries to get athletes back to their sports safely and quickly.
General PodiatryOverall foot care such as trimming nails, removing calluses, routine checkups, treating common foot pain issues.
Trauma CareProviding expert diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle fractures, complete tears, dislocations, and other traumatic injuries.
Diabetic CarePreventing and managing foot complications of diabetes through routine exams, patient education, wound care, and treatment of foot neuropathy.
Wound CareHealing chronic or infected foot and ankle wounds using advanced treatments like hyperbaric oxygen therapy, bioengineered skin substitutes, and platelet-rich plasma.
Pediatric PodiatryEnsuring proper foot development in children and correcting issues like in-toeing, flat feet, Sever’s disease, and sports overuse injuries.
Ingrown Toenail RemovalPermanently removing painful ingrown toenails and the root cause to prevent recurrence.
Plantar Fasciitis TreatmentRelieving heel pain through custom orthotics, physical therapy, arch supports, and extracorporeal shockwave therapy when needed.
Lapiplasty Bunion SurgeryOur advanced bunion correction technique that realigns the entire metatarsal bone, not just the joint.

We treat all conditions related to:

  • Skin: corns, calluses, infections, ulcers
  • Bone: fractures, arthritis, deformities
  • Muscles: strains, tears, weakness
  • Ligaments & Tendons: sprains, tendonitis
  • Circulation: diabetic complications, peripheral artery disease

Our clinic brings together podiatrists with expertise across every specialty so we can develop integrated care plans tailored to your needs. Our team works seamlessly together to help you recover quickly.

Our experienced podiatry team is here to help.

Contact us now to discuss your foot and ankle health needs.

Why Choose Essex Union Podiatry in Summit?

With over 15 years of experience serving the Summit community, our podiatrists have treated thousands of patients using advanced training, cutting-edge technology, and compassionate care.

  1. Get Treated By Experienced Podiatrists

Our experienced team of podiatrists provide comprehensive foot and ankle care utilizing the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques and regenerative treatments.

Dr. Sarah Haller

Dr. Sarah Haller focuses on general podiatry, pediatrics, orthotics, and diabetic care with 8 years of experience. She has a gentle bedside manner and enjoys educating patients on maintaining long-term foot health. Dr. Haller has extensive training in conservative podiatric treatments to avoid surgery when possible.

Dr. Jason Galante

Dr. Jason Galante has over 10 years of experience treating all types of foot and ankle conditions. He specializes in reconstructive surgery, sports medicine, and wound care. Dr. Galante utilizes the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques to help patients recover faster. His calm, patient-first approach puts you at ease.

Dr. Kaitlyn Testa 

Dr. Kaitlyn Testa provides comprehensive podiatric care with an emphasis on minimally invasive surgical techniques. She has performed thousands of minimally invasive bunion and hammertoe surgeries allowing patients to get back on their feet quickly. Dr. Testa also has advanced training in wound care and regenerative treatments.

Together, our skilled podiatrists accurately diagnose and develop targeted treatment plans for your specific conditions.

  1. Convenience and Comfort

Our clinic provides a comfortable setting focused on your foot health. We are conveniently located near major highways for quick access and offer plenty of free parking. 

Our online patient portal allows you to easily schedule appointments, access records, and message your podiatrist. We accept most major insurance plans and can help with any questions you have about coverage.

  1. Caring for the Active Summit Lifestyle

At Essex Union Podiatry, we understand the active Summit lifestyle and customize treatments accordingly. Our podiatrists’ deep expertise helps patients recover quickly so they can participate in the activities they love.

  • For athletes, we treat sports-related foot and ankle injuries to get you moving again safely and without pain. Whether you play soccer, basketball, tennis or participate in gymnastics or dance, we provide customized care to help you get back on the field, court, or studio.
  • For Summit residents who enjoy the town’s beautiful walking trails and parks, we treat conditions causing foot pain so you can once again hike the trails in Hilltop Reservation or stroll through Summit Park comfortably.
  • For those with chronic diseases like diabetes, our podiatrists provide specialized care and education to prevent complications and maintain independence. We help identify foot problems early and provide prompt treatment when needed.
  • For parents, we ensure proper foot growth and development in children so they have healthy feet for an active life. We also treat pediatric foot injuries compassionately, educating children on foot care.

Discover the Essex Union Podiatry Difference in Summit 

Our experienced podiatrists utilize the latest advanced techniques and take a tailored, patient-centered approach to provide accurate diagnosis, effective treatment, and lasting relief, so you can get back to doing the activities you love.

At Essex Union Podiatry, your feet are in the most capable hands. We go beyond just resolving your immediate issues. Our comprehensive care considers your unique needs and goals to promote long-term foot health and an improved quality of life.

Key reasons to choose our compassionate, dedicated team:

  • Thorough diagnostic exams using advanced imaging and testing for precise identification of issues
  • Custom treatment plans tailored to your specific condition through an in-depth review of all your options
  • Latest non-surgical treatments to improve comfort and function without surgery
  • Minimally invasive surgery, when needed, for quicker recovery
  • Clear communication in understandable terms so you can make informed decisions
  • Seamless coordination and accessibility for an optimal experience
  • Preventative care and maintenance for lasting results

Enjoy Idyllic Summit, NJ – A Hop to First-Rate Podiatrists

Nestled in New Jersey’s Watchung Mountains, Summit is a vibrant small city just 25 miles west of New York City. With a population of over 22,000, Summit strikes the perfect balance between small-town charm and urban convenience.

The heart of Summit is its quaint downtown filled with locally-owned shops, restaurants, and businesses. Main Street and Summit Avenue host festivals and events like the Summit Farmers Market throughout the year. The downtown is also home to the Summit Playhouse and MONDO Summit – a 15,000 square foot arts and creativity center.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Summit has over 24 parks with amenities like tennis courts, athletic fields, and an outdoor ice rink. Residents especially love reprising at the Watchung Reservation – a 1,945 acre county park offering hiking and mountain biking trails with scenic overlooks.

Real estate in Summit is in high demand due to its excellent school system and easy NYC commute. In 2015, New Jersey Monthly ranked Summit High School as the #1 public high school in the state. Summit is serviced by NJ Transit’s Midtown Direct which goes straight to Penn Station, making the commute to Manhattan less than 50 minutes door-to-door.

With its small-town vibe, excellent schools, and quick commute, it’s easy to see why Summit is considered one of New Jersey’s most desirable places to live. The city strikes the perfect balance between suburban quietude and proximity to urban amenities. Whether you’re looking for a new home or just passing through, Summit has something for everyone.

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