Our Locations: Springfield | Rahway | Caldwell

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Our Locations: Springfield | Rahway | Caldwell

Call Us: 973-376-8210

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Podiatric Conditions and Treatments

Our team specializes in treating a number of conditions, both surgically and non-surgically. Patients of all ages enjoy our compassionate care and modern medical technologies.

Bone Conditions

We believe that good bone health is important for healthy feet, ankles, and legs. We specialize in bone conditions such as bunions, bone spurs, arthritic conditions, pilon fractures, and more.

Muscle condition

We work to eliminate the pain and limitation of common foot and ankle muscle conditions. Our doctors help treat sprains, shin splints, and muscle tears, and educate patients to prevent future re-injury.

Poor circulation

Essex Union Podiatry treats circulatory issues due to both injury and illness, including, but not limited to peripheral arterial disease, venous stasis, acrocyanosis, and even chilblains (cold feet).

Skin conditions

Skin conditions can be painful and limiting. Our doctors specialize in skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, athlete’s foot, gangrene, warts, and more.

Tendon and Ligament Conditions

Our expert podiatrists treat tendon and ligament conditions such as Achilles tendonitis, ankle instability, flat feet (over pronation), plantar fasciitis, and more with both surgical and non-surgical technologies.

Other Conditions

From your knees to your toes, our skilled podiatry team treats a wide range of conditions not listed here. Call today to talk to a professional and book an appointment with us.

We Treat Your Podiatric Conditions at Three Convenient Locations:

Rahway Office

1600 St. Georges Ave.Rahway, NJ 07065(732) 388-2375

Caldwell Office

376 Bloomfield Ave. Caldwell, NJ 07006(973) 226-2263

Springfield Office

500 Morris Ave. Suite 203, Springfield, NJ 07081(973) 376-8210

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