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Envision waking up energized, ready to take on the day without foot or ankle discomfort holding you back. At Essex Union Podiatry, we craft personalized treatments to help you achieve this pain-free lifestyle. 

Our expert podiatrists treat the root causes of your symptoms, not just the surface-level pain, so you can move through East Hanover’s charming neighborhoods with ease. We’re passionate about using the latest advances in podiatric medicine to help our patients start anew, unencumbered by nagging foot and ankle problems. 

With our tailored evaluations, cutting-edge treatments, and compassionate care, you’ll be on the path to sustained comfort and mobility.

Treating Complex Foot and Ankle Conditions with Unmatched Expertise

At Essex Union Podiatry, we address a wide range of foot and ankle conditions that can negatively impact quality of life, including bunions, hammertoes, arthritis, and more.

Our highly-trained podiatrists develop custom treatment plans for each patient that combine both surgical and non-surgical approaches. This ensures comprehensive, tailored care based on your unique needs and goals.

For patients with chronic illnesses like diabetes, we offer specialized care to prevent and manage complications related to diabetic feet. Regular check-ups, education, and prompt treatment help mitigate risks and maintain foot health.

We utilize cutting-edge treatment options such as Lapiplasty 3D Bunion Correction to provide lasting relief from:

  • bunion pain to restore normal function
  • musculoskeletal deformities
  • sports medicine
  • post-traumatic and cosmetic reconstruction

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Advanced Solutions for Podiatric Conditions in East Hanover, NJ

Bone Conditions

We diagnose and treat a wide range of bone conditions affecting the feet, ankles, and legs, including fractures, breaks, deformities, and bone loss. We provide treatment for bunions, bone spurs, arthritis, stress fractures, Charcot foot, and other bone issues using both non-surgical approaches and surgical procedures when necessary.

Muscle Conditions

We treat numerous muscle conditions related to the feet, ankles and legs, including strains, tears, imbalances, overuse injuries, and loss of muscle tone. We help with diagnosis and treatment of tendonitis, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, muscle cramps, dropped foot, and other muscular conditions using customized treatment plans.

Circulation Issues

We diagnose and treat circulation disorders affecting blood flow in the feet, ankles and legs. This includes conditions like peripheral arterial disease that restricts blood flow, as well as venous insufficiency that leads to blood pooling in the lower extremities. We provide customized treatments to improve circulation and wound healing.

Skin Conditions

We treat all types of infections and growths affecting the skin, nails, and soft tissues of the feet. This includes athlete’s foot, plantar warts, ingrown toenails, corns, calluses, and diabetic foot ulcers. We provide precise diagnosis and customized treatment plans for proper skin care and infection control.

Nerve Conditions

We diagnose and treat a variety of nerve conditions affecting the nerves in the feet, ankles and legs. This includes issues like Morton’s neuroma, tarsal tunnel syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, and nerve damage from trauma or systemic diseases like diabetes. We provide customized treatment to relieve nerve pain and restore proper nerve function.

Biomechanical Conditions

We treat gait and structural abnormalities that affect the foot and ankle. This includes flat feet, high arches, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, ankle instability, and improper alignment issues that lead to pain, imbalance, and restricted mobility. Our treatments aim to realign the feet and ankles for improved comfort and function.

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Active Lifestyles Start with Healthy Feet

At Essex Union Podiatry, we believe that maintaining foot and ankle health is the foundation for an active, fulfilling lifestyle. Our top priority is prevention and proactive care.

Through patient education, we empower individuals to recognize early warning signs and take measures to avoid issues before they escalate. Proper footwear, custom orthotics, and tailored self-care routines are some of the tools we provide to keep feet healthy during work, sports, or daily life in East Hanover and beyond.

For those already experiencing discomfort, we offer comprehensive evaluations to pinpoint the underlying causes and determine the optimal treatment plan to halt progression. Our preventative strategies are customized to each patient’s unique needs and activities, ensuring that every individual receives personalized care.

By prioritizing prevention and early intervention, we help our patients continue pursuing their passions pain-free. We work collaboratively with you to promote robust foot and ankle health so that you can keep moving and living life to the fullest.

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Meet Our Expert Foot and Ankle Surgeons Near East Hanover, NJ

At Essex Union Podiatry, our skilled surgeons provide specialized foot and ankle procedures to help patients regain comfort and function. Our surgical team utilizes the latest techniques and technology to achieve optimal, long-lasting results.

Dr. Sarah Haller brings over 15 years of experience to her practice of foot and ankle surgery. She is board certified and focuses on reconstructive procedures, sports medicine, and correcting musculoskeletal deformities of the foot and ankle. Dr. Haller stays up-to-date on the newest advances and founded the New Jersey Foot and Ankle Foundation to increase research and education.

Dr. Jason Galante is double board certified in foot and ankle medicine and surgery. He trained with the NFL’s Jets and Giants team doctors, giving him an edge in sports injury treatment. Dr. Galante belongs to leading professional societies and is an expert in surgical and non-surgical care for foot and ankle arthritis, deformities, injuries, and more.

Dr. Kaitlyn Testa takes a minimally invasive approach to common foot and ankle procedures like bunion treatment and trauma recovery. She also emphasizes preventive and conservative management, especially for young athletes. Dr. Testa utilizes the latest techniques in sports medicine and reconstructive surgery tailored to each patient’s unique needs.

Discover Local Attractions in East Hanover, NJ

While not located directly in East Hanover, we are proud to offer world-class foot and ankle care near many beloved local attractions.

Whether you’re a longtime resident or just visiting, our compassionate podiatrists treat foot and ankle conditions so you can continue enjoying all that the East Hanover area has to offer.

The Frelinghuysen Arboretum: Natural Scenery and Relaxation

After your podiatry appointment, take a peaceful stroll through the Frelinghuysen Arboretum. This park offers gorgeous botanical gardens, walking trails, and inspiring natural beauty near East Hanover. It’s the perfect spot to decompress, surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature.

East Hanover Public Library: Engaging Programs and Resources

The East Hanover Public Library provides a wealth of resources, events, and spaces for residents of all ages. It offers wellness programs and gentle exercise classes that can aid in foot and ankle recovery. With a commitment to community, it’s a hub for education, growth, and connection.

Taste East Hanover’s Diverse Culinary Offerings

East Hanover boasts an array of delicious dining options from casual fare to upscale cuisine. Remember that diet impacts overall health, so our team provides guidance on nutritious food choices that benefit your feet and ankles. Discover East Hanover’s food scene while supporting your recovery.

At Essex Union Podiatry, we believe holistic wellness includes engaging with your community. Explore all East Hanover has to offer once you’ve regained comfort and mobility through our expert care.

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Don’t let foot or ankle discomfort impede your active lifestyle. The dedicated medical professionals at Essex Union Podiatry provide specialized care to get you moving again. With patient-focused treatments using the latest techniques, we help East Hanover, NJ residents take the first step toward relief.

Our community cares deeply about your well-being. We develop customized treatment plans to alleviate discomfort and get you back on your feet, pain-free.

Don’t wait and risk worsening problems. Reach out to Essex Union Podiatry today and regain your stride in life with our premier foot and ankle care.