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Foot & Ankle Deformity Correction

Foot and ankle deformities are often present at birth but can develop in adulthood or as a child grows. While many deformities do not cause pain, they can create complications later in life, become more severe, and prevent regular daily activity.

 Foot & Ankle deformity treatment in NJ

Foot & Ankle deformity treatment in NJ

There are surgical and non-surgical treatment options for many foot and ankle deformities. Essex Union Podiatry works with each client to determine the right treatment plan for them.

How to tell if you or your child require foot or ankle deformity correction:

 The feet or ankles are taking a shape that is not conducive to walking or standing. The deformity is becoming more severe with time or growth.  The deformity is creating other problems or conditions of the foot or ankle.

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Foot & Ankle Deformities We Treat

Deformities can be related to several conditions. Here are just some of the many conditions we treat.

Skin Conditions

Skin conditions like warts, corns, and swelling can be related to your deformity. Care for these conditions offers immediate and long-term relief.

Bone Conditions

Bone conditions are often the underlying cause of foot and ankle deformities. We treat hammertoes, bone spurs, bunions, and other bone conditions.

Muscle Conditions

Muscle conditions like poorly treated muscle tears and congenital disabilities can lead to foot and ankle deformities.

Ligament & Tendon Conditions

Unusually short connective tissues like tendons and ligaments of the foot are another leading cause of deformities.

Circulation Disorders

Some foot deformities create complications like circulation disorders. Let Essex Union Podiatry address both and get you back on your feet again.

Other conditions

Many different conditions can result from and be related to congenital and trauma-related deformities. Let us help you relieve both.

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