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Our Locations: Springfield | Rahway | Caldwell

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Pediatric Podiatry New Jersey

Pediatric podiatry is fundamentally different from adult podiatry because children’s bodies are continuously growing. When your child needs care, you must choose a specialist with the background, experience, and character necessary to care for children with compassion.We are those specialists.


Your Trusted Pediatric Foot Specialists

As children’s bodies grow, it can be hard to know when they might need to see a specialist. The softer nature of growth plates, and the cartilage that helps form bones as the body grows, mean that your child’s feet and ankles might appear different to you nearly every week, especially throughout infancy.

Here are some signs your child should see a podiatric specialist:

 You observe a noticeable deformity of the feet or ankles. Your child’s primary care doctor has referred youh.  Your child is limping, complaining of pain, or having new trouble with balance.

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Pediatric Podiatry Services

We specialize in pediatric care for a number of conditions

Skin Conditions

Skin conditions of the foot and ankle can be uncomfortable for teenage athletes, children learning to walk, and others. Our pediatric specialists can help.

Bone Conditions

We specialize in children’s bone conditions like congenital deformities, clubfoot, flat feet and more. We customize your child’s care based on their unique needs.

Muscle Conditions

Muscle conditions can affect your child’s mobility and daily activity now and later in life. Trust our experts to protect them.

Ligament & Tendon Conditions

Sports injuries to the ligaments and tendons are common in children. Our pediatric specialists know how to get them back in the game.

Circulation Disorders

Circulation disorders can cause discoloration and lack of sensation in the lower extremities for both children and adults.

Other conditions

Essex Union Podiatry has experience treating many other conditions in children and adolescents. Contact our offices today to discuss treatment options for your child.

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Our compassionate care team is ready to help with all your foot and ankle conditions and questions. Leave your concerns at the door and allow our expert doctors to deliver relief and peace of mind from your podiatric complications today. Call our main number at (973) 376-8210 or contact one of our three convenient locations:

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